Euler Filter Magic

If you’ve spent much time animating in Maya, you’ve probably run into this problem at least a few times: Crazy, crazy inbetweens after you’ve gone through and lovingly posed your keyframes. You wanted that leg to extend calmly from key A to key B? No. Instead, you get a leg-shaped hurricane. If you usually solve such dilemmas with grueling counter-animation, pleading with the graph editor, or throwing heavy objects, then you should know that a solution exists that is the equivalent to a “Fix Everything” button.

I just learned this trick a few months back and I only wish I’d read this article back when it was first written in 2007.  Do yourself a favor and read it.  You’ll either thank yourself further down the line when the problem crops up for you, or you’ll be the cool guy with all the answers when you notice your co-worker getting ready to throw his CPU through a window.

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